Product Code: PS-3402


Designed to cool the vapors from a liquid sample that is being heated (distilled), and capture the condensation. The clear plastic top of the Condenser has a small opening in the center to hold a temperature sensor or other temperature sensing device. The hole can be plugged with a small rubber stopper (included) The bottom reservoir of the Condenser has a mark to indicate that the volume of condensate has reached 10 milliliters (mL). The bottom also has a spout to use when pouring the collected liquid out of the Condenser. The PS-3402 Condenser can be mounted on a support rod up to 12.5 millimeters (mm) in diameter.

The clear polycarbonate top holds ice and allows for re-condensation. Designed to hold temp sensor in a center top port.

The black 30% glass filled nylon bottom reservoir designed to collect 10 mL of re-condensed distillate. It fits over a 150 mL beaker to hold initial sample.

Note:  Keep the Condenser approximately 3″ or more above the surface of the hot plate in order to maintain full integrity of the plastic.

Requires one of these:

Essential Chem Equipment Kit – Basic single set EC-6360
Essential Chemistry Standard Equipment Kit EC-6361