Potassium ISE (K+) Probe

Product Code: PS-3520


This ISE connects to the Wireless pH Sensor and allows students to measure the potential and determine the concentration of potassium ions in an aqueous solution.

This ISE utilizes a standard PVC membrane. As with all ISE implementing this design, the lifespan of the membrane is limited. For this reason, we offer replacement sensor modules (PVC matrix sensor type) which allow you to periodically replace the module, rather than the whole electrode.

PASCO Ion Selective Electrodes are industrial-quality probes that give excellent results when properly used. Operation of these Ion Selective Electrodes assumes training in the safe handling of flammable, caustic and corrosive chemicals and a working knowledge of serial dilution and calibration procedures. For this reason, they are not recommended for use by elementary or middle school students.

What’s Included

  • Potassium ISE (Cl- ) Probe
  • Potassium ISE Replacement Module
  • Potassium Standard Solution 1000 ppm
  • Potassium Reference Fill Solution
  • Storage Bottle
  • Potassium Ionic Strength Adjuster (ISA)
  • BNC Male-to-Female Cable


Range 1 to 39,000 ppm or mg/L
pH range 2-12
Electrode slope 56 ± 3 mV/ decade
Interferences Cs+, NH4+, Tl+, H+, Ag+, Tris+, Li+, Na+
Electrode type PVC Membrane

Supporting Documents

Potassium ISE Probe Manual

Safety Sheets

Potassium ISE – Safety Data Sheet

Potassium Reference Fill Solution – Safety Data Sheet

Potassium Standard Solution – Safety Data Sheet