Blood Pressure Cuff – Standard (Wireless)

Product Code: PS-3592


The PS-3592 is a standard sized cuff designed to be used with the PASCO Wireless Blood Pressure Sensor (PS-3218).  It is constructed of durable nylon and has a bulb and valve.

Note:  The color of the actual product may differ from the photo shown.

Need help determining the correct size cuff?

Measure the circumference of the upper arm.  The ranges below show which is the appropriate cuff given this measurement:

Small – 19.0 to 27.2 cm circumference

Standard – 26.1 to 40.9 cm circumference

Large – 34.3 to 50.9 cm circumference

For a given classroom it is generally a good idea to have a range of sizes in order to fit all of your students.