Wide Range Function Generator

Product Code: SB-9549A


This function generator is similar to the Basic Function Generator, but it provides a wider frequency range and greater output voltage.


5 MHz Function Generator with Digital Display

  • 0.5 Hz to 5 MHz
  • Sine, Square,Triangle, Pulse, and Ramp output
  • Coarse and Fine tuning
  • 4 digit LED display
  • Variable duty cycle
  • Variable DC offset
  • External signal may be used to control operating frequency

Product Specifications

Ranges 0.2 Hz to 5 MHz in seven ranges, (±1 count)
Waveforms sine (distortion <1% below 100 kHz); square (2% symmetry, 50 nS max rise and fall time); triangle (98% linearity below 100 kHz, 95% above 100 kHZ
Outputs 20 Vp-p no load, 10 V p-p max into 50 Ω load; continuously variable, 20 dB range with 20 dB step; DC offset: ±10 V (no load), ±5 V (50 Ω load); TTL/CMOS-compatible pulse
Sweep external voltage-controlled oscillator, 0-10 V signal can produce 100:1 frequency change
Power Source 115/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Accessories BNC to insulated clips