pH Buffer Capsule Kit

Product Code: SC-2321


This set of capsules can be used to create a quick and reliable preparation of fresh solutions of known pH values for calibrating the PASPORT pH Sensor (such as PS-2102 and other pH sensors)

Contains one vial each, with 10 capsules per vial of pH 4.0, pH 7.0, and pH 10.0. Each capsule is sufficient to make 100 mL buffer solution. Includes preservative solution which contains a pH indicator and colors each buffer solution for easy identification.

Using distilled water, the user can formulate clear solutions accurate to ±0.02 pH unit.  The dry powder remains stable.

Storage and shelf life

When stored at room temperature in clean airtight bottles, prepared solutions will last for three weeks.

When added to the solution, Hydrion Buffer Preservative will protect prepared solutions for up to three months.

Unprepared, packaged Hydrion Buffer Salts have a shelf life of five years.

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