UV Replacement Cuvettes (Semi-Micro)

Product Code: SE-3610


These Semi-Micro Volume Cuvettes (Qty. 10) are made of UV transparent material, making them ideal for spectrophotometric analyses within the UV range, or up to 220 nm. Composed of low-cost polycyclic olefin, these disposable cuvettes reduce the chance of cross contamination between samples, especially when working with biological molecules, such as DNA, RNA, and proteins, and they are impermeable to most solvents utilized in organic applications (e.g., acetone, HCl, DMF, etc.).


  • Ideal for spectrophotometric analyses up to 220 nm
  • Impermeable to most organic solvents (e.g., acetone, butanone, DMF, HCl, etc.)
  • Durable polycyclic olefin provides a low-cost alternative to fragile quartz cuvettes
  • Recessed windows prevent scratches from obscuring the optical pathway
  • Shipped in sets to ensure consistency between cuvettes


  • Analysis of UV-sensitive functional groups (e.g. Benzyl, phenyl, and aromatic compounds)
  • Determination of purity in biological molecules (e.g., DNA, RNA, proteins)
  • Analysis of unsaturated and saturated fats in cooking oils
  • High throughput analyses where sample conservation is not needed

How It Works

Proprietary polycyclic olefin provides great protection from most common solvents, such as acetone, butanone, DMF and concentrated hydrochloric acid. These cuvettes are ideal for use in general organic and upper-level labs, where high sampling frequency is required, without breaking the budget. For use in all but the most energetic wavelengths under rigorous solvent demands.

What’s Included

  • 10x Disposable UV Semi-Micro Volume Cuvettes
  • 2x Cuvette Rack (EC-3590)