UV Transparent Quartz Cuvette

Product Code: SE-3611


The standard in clarity, these UV Quartz Cuvettes are composed of UV-fused quartz glass, making them ideal for spectrophotometric analyses with UV wavelengths as low as 190 nm, as well as with visible and infrared light up to 2.5 µm.

Solvent Compatibility
Standard cuvettes should not be used with benzene, toluene, aqua regia, ethanol, corrosive solutions, or other similar substances, as they may degrade the bonds between the pieces and cause the cuvette to leak.


  • Four polished sides with 75% transmission down to 190 nm
  • Standard 12.5 mm square dimensions with 10 mm transmitted path length
  • Resistant to acetone, ketones, organic halides, strong acids and bases
  • Engraved “Q” markings to indicate quartz construction and proper positioning

What’s Included

  • 2x UV Quartz Cuvette
  • 2x Teflon Cuvette Cap