Van de Graaff Generator – High Voltage

Product Code: SE-8691


The High Voltage Van de Graaff Generator features a 25 cm diameter sphere that can generate approximately 400,000 volts. The size of the sphere, its rounded edges, and its height from the demonstration table contribute to the high voltages generated.

Its large size, long sparks, and high voltages make it ideal for use in larger rooms or lecture halls. An extra belt is included.


  • Large 25 cm dome for easy visibility
  • Sparks of up to 35 cm in length
  • Tall lucite column keeps sphere far abovethe base, allowing a large voltage generation, andis thick-walled to withstand years of use
  • Variable speed motor to adjust charge buildup
  • Belt is easy to replace (one extra belt included)

How It Works

The principles behind the operation of the Van de Graaff Generator are surprisingly straightforward, and teaching how the machine works can reinforce the electricity concepts being taught.

What’s Included

  • 1x Van de Graaff Generator, High Voltage
  • 1x Installed belt
  • 1x Replacement belt

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