Cuvettes and Caps

Product Code: SE-8739


A set of 100 identical 3.5 mL polystyrene cuvettes and caps.

Replacement Cuvettes and Caps for the PASCO  Wireless Spectrometer. Includes 100 cuvettes and 100 caps. These cuvettes are made from polystyrene.  Use only solutions to which polystyrene shows good chemical resistance within these cuvettes – NOT compatible with strong organic solvents like acetone.

What’s Included

  • 1x Cuvettes (100)
  • 1x Cuvette Caps (100)

The Cuvettes and Caps (SE-8739) is a replacement part for the:

  • Wireless Spectrometer (PS-2600)
  • Wireless Colorimeter and Turbidity Sensor (PS-3215)

Shown in use with PASCO’s Spectrometer (not included).