Ohaus Scout SKX Balance 200 g

Product Code: SE-8823A


The Scout SKX 200g balance from Ohaus combines range, resolution and low cost, making it ideal for the student physics lab. Also available are versions with 400g, 2000g and 8200 g capacities.

Simple two-button operation and visual menu prompts allow students to begin weighing with minimal instruction. The large, crisp display is easily viewed from any angle so teachers can quickly check students’ results. A sealed front panel, molded spill ring and removable Stainless Steel platforms provide protection from spills and make Scout SKX easy to keep clean.

Typical Applications

Students view data in graphs, tables and other displays as they investigate:
  • Evaporation
  • Mass vs. density
  • Buoyancy, density, and volume
  • Density of unknown liquids
  • Combustion of a candle
  • Rate of a chemical reaction
  • Conservation of mass
  • Thermal decomposition
  • Osmosis & diffusion
  • Cell/fungus growth

Demonstrate Mass Change as it Happens!

The powerful technologies of PASCO and Ohaus now work together, allowing your students to visualize and explore mass change concepts as they never could before.

Students collect data using any PASPORT sensor, including Temperature, pH, Colorimeter, Conductivity, CO2 Gas, Dissolved Oxygen, Pressure, Force and more. Then add an Ohaus electronic balance (Scout® Pro or Explorer® Pro) and mass data instantly becomes part of your students’ experiments!


Max Capacity
  • 220 g
  • 0.01 g
Dimensions (HxLxW)
  • 2.1 in x 8.8 in x 8 in
  • 54 mm x 224 mm x 202 mm
Pan Size (diameter)
  • 4.7 in (120 mm)
Measurement Units
  • grams, kilograms, Newtons, pounds, and ounces
  • AC adapter (included) or
  • 4 “AA” batteries (not included)
  • ~ 120 hours use with disposable batteries
  • Large backlit LCD
Stabilization Time
  • 1 s
Tare Range
  • To capacity by subtraction