Elastic Wave Cord

Product Code: SE-9409


The Elastic Wave Cord is highly visible and produces good amplitude, making it ideal to use in demonstrations of standing transverse waves produced by the Mechanical Wave Driver (SF-9324). It can also be plucked by hand to watch wave propagation or attached vertically to a mass for studies of simple harmonic motion.

The Elastic Wave Cord is highly visible. (Wave driver not included.)

Typical Applications

  • Use with a Mechanical Wave Driver (SF-9324) to produce horizontal waves.: Observe the effects of changing the frequency or tension of the cord.
  • Produce transverse waves by hand.: Secure one end and create standing waves, or just give the cord a sharp pulse and watch it travel down and reflect back along the cord.
  • Displace a mass haning from the cord for investigations of an oscillating mass on a “spring.”: Use a motion sensor to measure the displacement of the mass as a function of time.Confirm Hooke’s Law.Calculate the energies involved in simple harmonic motion.

Support Documents

Elastic Wave Cord Manual