Basic Coil Set

Product Code: SF-8616


These high-quality coils and laminated iron cores provide an effective introduction to electromagnetic theory. Purchase them individually or as a complete set. The coils are color-coded and each coil is labeled with the number of turns and the direction of the winding. Use them to investigate:

Electromagnetism: Show how the magnetic field can be increased by increasing the current, by adding an iron core, or by using a coil with more turns.

Induction: Pass a magnet through a coil and detect the resulting electromotive force (EMF) with a galvanometer. Show how the EMF depends on the number of turns in the coil and on the relative velocity of the magnet and coil.

Transformers: Mount coils onto the U- or E-shaped iron cores to demonstrate mutual inductance and transformer theory. Then connect a load to investigate power transfer. Investigate basic transformer theory with an AC power supply and a voltmeter. Advanced principles require a high power output function generator (Model PI-9587C or PI-9598) and an oscilloscope. For more in-depth experiments and demonstrations, use a computer with PASCO’s 850 Universal Interface.

What’s Included

For standalone use:

1x Alnico Bar Magnets (2 Pack)

For standalone use:

1x Bar Magnets (2 pack)

For standalone use:

1x Basic Digital Multimeter

For standalone use:

1x Low Voltage AC/DC Power Supply


Coils Set Manual  English  155.26 KB