Radiation Counter

Product Code: SN-7907


This radiation counter supports G-M detectors, as well as scintillation detectors. It can be used stand-alone or connect to a computer through USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi. The control software stores data in a format that can easily be transferred directly to common spreadsheet programs.


  • Preset Time
  • Adjustable High Voltage
  • Preset Runs
  • Preset Pause Time
  • Data Storage to file or spreadsheet software

What’s Included

  • 1x Spectrum Techniques Ultra Software for Windows and MAC
  • 1x 110 VAC to 9 VDC Power Adapter

Recommended Accessories

Product Specifications

Power 110 VAC Adapter 9 VDC at 1200 mA
Variable High Voltage 0 to 1200 V, in 10 V increments
Display 16 character LCD
Housing Plastic housing with metal face plate
Dimensions 21.6 cm W x 15.2 cm D x 6.4 cm H
Computer Connectivity USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi for MAC and Windows
Mobile Device Connectivity Wi-Fi
Detector Connectors BNC and MHV
Supported Detectors G-M and scintillation

Support Documents

Radiation Counter Manual