Cs-137 Source – 0.25 Microcurie

Product Code: SN-7942


This source is mounted in a 2.5 cm diameter sealed plastic disk and requires no licensing.

Source is USNRC License Exempt (US only).  Outside the US, consult local laws and regulations.

Product Specifications

Radioactive Activity 0.25 µCi
Half-life 30.2 years
Radiation β, γ
Stated Uncertainty ± 15%

Radioactive Source Disclaimer

Local, national, and international regulations may restrict the purchase, storage, transport, use or disposal of radioactive sources. Please consult your local regulations to ensure your compliance before you purchase radioactive sources.

  • PASCO advertised sources are direct shipped to customers from Spectrum Techniques (www.spectrumtechniques.com). Please review their “Terms and Conditions” page before purchasing.
  • Once shipped, purchased sources are “Non-Cancellable” and “Non-Returnable”. Radioactive sources cannot be returned under any circumstances including “End of Life” disposal.
  • PASCO generally advertised sources are USNRC License Exempt (US only).
  • International exempt sources (per the International Atomic Energy Agency) are available for international customers or by request.