Student Spectrometer

Product Code: SP-9268A


The Spectrometer–chemists use it to determine the constituents of molecules, astronomers use it to determine the constituents of stars and physicists use it to investigate the structure of the atom. Not bad for an instrument for which few people can name the inventor (David Alter, with some important later enhancements by Joseph von Fraunhofer).

PASCO offers this high-quality spectrometer that allows students to perform accurate prism and grating spectrometry. High-quality, large-aperture optics produce sharp spectral images, while precision machining allows for precise rotation and accurate measurement. The Student Spectrometer is most popular in upper division labs, where precision and durability are equally important.


  • Resolution to 1 Minute of Arc: The 127 mm diameter, precision-engraved de­gree plate is complemented by 2 precision-engraved verniers, one on each side of the instrument for convenient reading.
  • Wider Aperture Optics: 32 mm wide apertures on the telescope and collimator provide more light for brighter and sharper images.
  • Rack and Pinion Focusing: On both the telescope and the collimator. Focusing is easier and more precise.
  • Rotatable Table: For greater flexibility in measurements. Turn the table by hand for coarse adjustments. Use the fine lead screw for delicate adjustments.

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