Thermoelectric Converter

Product Code: TD-8550A



The Thermoelectric Converter uses a series of semiconductor thermoelectric
cells to convert thermal energy into electrical energy. The output from the
cells drives a small electric motor.

How it works

Heat to Electrical Energy:

Place one leg of the Thermoelectric Converter into cold water, the other into hot. The fan turns as the converter draws energy from the hot source (typically a 50°C temperature differential is required).

Electrical Energy to Heat:

Pass a current (3 A DC at 5 V) through the Thermoelectric Converter. It acts as a "heat pump." One leg becomes warmer while the other becomes cooler.


  • Demonstrates that a temperature differential is essential for extracting usable energy
  • Produces electrical energy from a temperature differential
  • Produces a temperature differential with electrical energy
  • 15 cm tall with 6 cm diameter fan

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