Radiation Sensor

Product Code: TD-8553


Point the Radiation Sensor toward any object – open the shutter and read the digital voltmeter to measure the relative intensity of the thermal radiation emitted.


  • Flat Spectral Response: Measure intensities from the yellow-green to the infrared (0.6 to 30 µm).
  • Detachable Stand with Adjustable Swivel Mount: Provides for precise positioning of the sensor.
  • A Reflective, Insulating Screen: Keeps the sensor cool between measurements for more accurate readings.
  • Protective Posts: Protect the element and provide a convenient reference for repositioning the sensor at a repeatable distance from a radiating surface.
  • A Complete Manual: The manual provides 4 ready-to-use experiments using the Radiation Sensor, the Thermal Radiation Cube and the Stefan-Boltzmann Lamp.

Buying Guide

Required Accessories
1x Basic Digital Multimeter SE-9786A

Supporting Documents

Thermal Radiation System Manual English 262.31 KB