Basic Calorimetry Set

Product Code: TD-8557B


Styrofoam™ calorimeter cup (7.5 cm inside diameter, 10 cm deep) has 1.3 cm thick walls for excellent thermal properties. Set includes five different metal samples, a thermometer, plastic tubing, and a water trap that prevents unwanted condensation of steam.


  • Define the Calorie
  • Determine Thermal Capacity and Specific Heat of Aluminum, Copper and Tungsten
  • Latent Heat of Vaporization
  • Latent Heat of Fusion

What’s Included

Required Accessories

1x Steam Generator TD-8556A
1x Ohaus Triple-Beam Balance (without Tare) SE-8723

Replacement Parts

Calorimetry Cups (6) TD-8825A

Support Documents