Thermal Conductivity Apparatus

Product Code: TD-8561


One of the most important considerations for buildings in the modern world is their ability to provide good thermal insulation. This apparatus gives students a way to observe and quantify heat flow across a constant temperature differential. Students use five common materials as test samples: glass, wood, polycarbonate, Masonite and sheetrock.


  • No Mess: The water from the melting ice runs off into the measuring cup — not on the lab table.
  • Durable Test Materials: The wood, Masonite and Sheetrock are covered with a thin aluminum sheet for waterproofing and to ensure good thermal contact.
  • Elevated Steam Reservoir: The hot reservoir is well above the lab table to eliminate heat damage.

How It Works

A block of ice is placed against one side of the test material. The other side is clamped against a steam chamber, establishing a constant 100°C temperature differential. The rate at which the ice is converted to water is a measure of the rate at which heat passes from the steam, through the test material, and into the ice.

What’s Included

  • 1 x Stand with insulating pads
  • 2 x Ice molds
  • 1 x Materials 12.7 cm squares of glass, wood, polycarbonate, Masonite, and sheetrock
  • 1 x Plastic tubing to connect steam generator
  • 1 x Instruction manual and experiment guide

Required Accessories

1x Steam Generator TD-8556A
1x Graduated Cylinder

Support Documents