850 Expansion Board

Product Code: UI-5220


The 850 Expansion Board plugs into the Expansion Port on the back of the 850 Universal Interface. It is a break-out of all the connections available through the back port including eight digital input/output ports, three voltage inputs, three DC power supplies (3.3 V, 5 V, ±12 V), and access to the three front signal generators. The Expansion Board also includes a circuit breadboard that students can build their own circuits on. In addition, students can do sense and control experiments using Blockly in Capstone to control this board.

Any sensors that plug into the front of the 850 Universal Interface can be used simultaneously with the sensors that are available through the back Expansion Port of the 850.


  • Signal Generator 1: 15 V, 1 A, Maximum Frequency 100 kHz
  • Signal Generator 2: 10 V, 50 mA, Maximum Frequency 500 kHz
  • Signal Generator 3: 10 V, 50 mA, Maximum Frequency 500 kHz
  • 3 Analog Inputs (±10 V)
  • 8 Digital Input/Outputs
  • Fixed DC Voltage Outputs: 3.3 V, 5 V, ±12 V
  • Circuit Breadboard
  • Auto-identification in PASCO Capstone
  • Expansion Board connects the 850 using screws into the inserts on top of the 850 Interface.
  • Expansion Board can be used on top of the 850 or on table-top beside the 850.

What’s Included

  • 1x Expansion Board with breadboard and 2 thumbscrews
  • 1x Connector Board
  • 1x Ribbon Cable
  • 40x Male-to-Male Jumper Wires (15 cm long)

Product Specifications

Total number of breadboard tie points 940
Number of breadboard distribution buses 4
Number of breadboard 5-tie point terminals 140
Breadboard dimensions 10.5 cm x 11.0 cm
Expansion Board dimensions 13 cm x 23 cm
Ribbon Cable 50 wires, 46 cm long
Expansion Board connector board 50-pin header to 44-pin male connector