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Product Code: UI-5400-DIG


PASCO Capstone is the next leap forward in software for data acquisition, display and analysis and destined to be the new standard in advanced physics and engineering labs.

Not an upgrade on existing software, PASCO Capstone was built from the ground up to be the most powerful and flexible option available.

While it was designed in conjunction with the 850 Universal Interface, Capstone is completely compatible with all current PASCO Interfaces – and even older interfaces such as the Power Link and Science Workshop 750 or 500.

The hallmarks of Capstone are powerful features, and unprecedented flexibility.

Create and customize lab pages quickly and easily setting sample rates and tool palettes for each page individually. Sync your data collection with video or replay your data collection at slow, normal or fast speed. Simple to use tables make it easy to rearrange and analyze data and the calibration wizard will aid in setting up experiments simply and accurately. And the Undo/Redo function makes it easy to try out new features.

*PASCO Capstone is available in French and English*


  • Photogate Timing Wizard, Sensor auto-ID, Drag and Drop Displays, Undo/Redo, Easily Resize Objects and more
  • Access Over 40 Complete physics experiments with free download files covering Mechanics, Oscillations, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Waves and Optics and Quantum Physics
  • Customize workspace, sampling conditions, and exclude/delete data points from analysis.
  • Sync sensor data to video, track an object and display data in a graph or table.
  • Students can take snapshots of their workspace pages, compare their results and save or print them
  • Insert a column in a table by simply clicking a button. Insert a calculated column and create an equation directly in the table. Or input manually sampled or user created data quickly and easily.
  • View data in graphs, meters, digits, data tables, and histograms
  • Multi-trace oscilloscope with trigger can be scaled directly by dragging the axes
  • Create FFTs with multiple measurements and then zoom in on the data to get more resolution
  • Includes 24 curve fits for both introductory and advanced physics topics
  • Include visual statistics, transparent plots, scientific constants and units library, a powerful scientific calculator, area under a curve, delta tool, and data replay
  • Available when used with an interface with a function generator, such as the 550 or 850 Universal Interfaces
  • Compatible with all current PASCO interfaces as well as discontinued USB interfaces such as the PowerLink and ScienceWorkshop 500 & 750
  • For longtime DataStudio users – you can open all your DS files in PASCO Capstone making the transition seamless.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements for PASCO Capstone
  • 7 SP 1 or higher
  • OS X 10.10 or later
  • 2 GHz or faster (only required for Video Analysis features)
  • 2 GB or greater RAM
  • 1024 X 768 or greater
Disk Space
  • Mac: 250MB free Disk Space (Application Bundle)
  • Windows: 575 MB Free Disk Space (500 MB for Capstone plus 75 MB for Common Files Folders)
  • At least one free port and/or Bluetooth® capability
Bluetooth Classic
  • Bluetooth capability if using PASCO Bluetooth classic devices
Bluetooth Smart


Capstone User Guide