850 Mechanics System Lab Manual

Product Code: UI-5821


Convenient flash drive that contains 10 complete experiments from the Mechanics 850 System, which features the 850 Universal Interface and PASCO probeware. All 10 labs are standard in mechanics courses.

The Mechanics 850 System Manual is also a component of the Mechanics 850 System, which includes the 850 Universal Interface, and the probeware and physics apparatus for all ten experiments in the manual.

The Ten Included Experiments:

  • Acceleration Down an Incline: Discover how the acceleration of an object down an incline depends on the angle of incline. Measure the acceleration due to gravity.
  • Newton’s Second Law: Verify Newton’s Second Law by varying the applied force and the mass.
  • Kinetic Friction I: Measure the kinetic coefficient of friction.
  • Kinetic Friction II: Study how the coefficient of kinetic friction depends on the velocity, acceleration, surface area, and weight of the object.
  • Impulse and Momentum: Measure the impact force of a cart and compare the impulse to its change in momentum.
  • Conservation of Momentum in Explosions: Verify that momentum is conserved for two carts
    pushing off from each other.
  • Conservation of Momentum in Inelastic Collisions: Verify that momentum is conserved in inelastic collisions and that kinetic energy is not conserved.
  • Conservation of Momentum in Elastic Collisions: Verify that momentum is conserved in elastic collisions.
  • Conservation of Energy: Show spring potential change into kinetic energy.
  • Simple Harmonic Motion: Measure the period of oscillation of a spring and mass system and compare it to the theoretical value. Evaluate the effect of changing the mass and spring constants.