Physics Lab Station Waves and Sound

Product Code: WA-9515


The Physics Lab Station: Waves and Sound bundle is a lab-ready solution for performing a variety of experiments in waves and sound. It includes a 2-in-1 Wireless Sound Sensor, a complete Tuning Fork Technical Set, a high-quality Resonance Air Column, and a Double-Length Slinky.

Real-Time Measurements

The Wireless Sound Sensor gives students unparalleled insight into the physics of sound and waves. Students can use the sensor to measure the frequency of a sound wave, and then visualize the waveform using PASCO software. Students can use the Double-Length Slinky to create a waveform with a partner, then use PASCO software to easily measure sound waves for further analysis.

Ready-Made Sound & Waves Labs

This kit is complemented by a collection of ready-made experiments that can be downloaded for free from the Experiment Library. Each lab comes ready-to-use with editable student handouts, teacher answer keys, and helpful teaching tips.

Explore More Physics Phenomena

Pair this kit with any Physics Lab Station to explore even more physics concepts.

Perform These Experiments

  • Resonance and Standing Waves
  • Properties of Sound Waves
  • Measuring the Speed of Sound
  • Decoding DTMF Tones

What’s Included

  • 1x Wireless Sound Sensor (PS-3227)
  • 1x Tuning Fork Technical Set (SE-7728)
  • 1x Resonance Air Column (WA-9606)
  • 1x Double-Length Slinky (SE-8760)