Wireless Charge Sensor

Product Code: PS-3240


The Wireless Charge Sensor is designed to allow students to measure the electrostatic charge on an object. With the aid of PASCO data collection software, the sensor can measure either charge or voltage and plot them on a variety of displays.

The sensor comes with a BNC-to-alligator clip cable, which can be used to connect the sensor’s BNC port to electrostatic equipment such as the Faraday Ice Pail. When used with the Faraday Ice Pail, the Wireless Charge Sensor can measure the total charge on an object by the induction method. The sensor can also be used as a high impedance voltmeter.

The sensor also comes with an E-Field Detector probe that plugs into the BNC port. The E-Field Detector is used to compare the relative charges of objects held near the sensor such as a balloon or a charged strip of cellophane tape.


  • No guessing if a charge is positive or negative – the polarity is shown.
  • Measures both charge and voltage.


  • Measure charge by induction
  • Quantify the charge on a capacitor plate
  • Discover the charge distribution on a conducting sphere

What’s Included

  • 1x BNC-to-alligator clip cable
  • 1x E-Field Detector probe
  • 1x USB-C cable

Product Specifications

  • Range: ±0.1 µC
  • Resolution: 5 pC
  • Range: ±10 V
  • Resolution: 500 µV
Maximum Sample Rate 100 Hz