Wireless Light & Colour Sensor

Product Code: PS-3248


The Wireless Light and Colour Sensor features two separate apertures: one on the side of the box for ambient light measurements and one at the end of the box for directional light measurements for percent colour.

The ambient sensor measures:

  • Lux: light energy from a point in a direction (per steridian, a solid angle) per second
  • Illuminance: Light intensity per area, or brightness in the range our eyes perceive
  • Irradiance:  Power of the light per area.  (Depends on wavelength as UV light has more energy than infra red)
  • PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation): amount of light in the visible range 400 -700 nm available to stimulate plant growth.
  • UV Index: 1 to 12 scale for the time light takes to cause skin damage.  Larger numbers cause burns faster.

The spot sensor measures:

  • RGB:  light levels as a percent of the total of all colours measured
  • White:  Total ‘white’ light intensity as a function of the sensor (on a scale of 65,536)


  • Wirelessly connects to computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones
  • Simply pair and go, no cables or adapters to manage
  • Onboard memory enables the sensor to function as an independent datalogger
  • Variable sampling rate for short, precise experiments or lengthy, multi-day data collection
  • Bluetooth connectivity and long-lasting coin cell battery
  • Indirect PAR measurements for biological studies


  • Studying solar energy
  • Reflection, absorption, and transmission of light through clear, opaque, and variously colored translucent mediums.
  • Investigating polarization and reflectivity
  • Modeling planetary motion
  • Verifying the inverse square law
  • Investigating insolation (solar radiation) and seasons

Product Specifications

Spectral Response 300 nm to 1100 nm
Illuminance Range 0 to 131,000 lux
Irradiance Range 0 to 1362 W/m2
PAR Range 1 to 2400 umol/m2/s
UV Index Range 0 to 12 (typical in daylight)
RGB Range 0 to 100% of combined colored light
Maximum Sample Rate 2 Hz (ambient); 20 Hz (spot)
Battery Coin cell
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0