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Month: May 2024

Temperature Probe – Chemical Compatibility

A: Excellent,
B: Good,
C: Fair to Poor,
D: Not recommended
Chemical 304 Stainless Steel (PS-2153) 316 Stainless Steel (PS-3201)
Acetaldehyde A A
Acetamide D A
Acetate Solvents D A
Acetic Acid D B
Acetic Acid — 20% B A
Acetic Acid — 80% D B
Acetic Acid — Glacial C A
Acetic Anhydride D B
Acetone A A
Acetone 70°F A A
Acetonitrile (Methyl Cyanide) A A
Acetophenone A B
Acetyl Chloride B B
Acetylene A A
Acrylonitrile A A
Adipic Acid B B
Aero Lubriplate A A
Aerosafe 2300 A A
Aerosafe 2300F A A
Aeroshell 17 Grease A A
Aeroshell 1Ac A A
Aeroshell 750 A A
Aeroshell 7A Grease A A
Alcohol A A
Alcohol: Amyl A A
Alcohol: Benzyl B B
Alcohol: Butyl A A
Alcohol: Diacetone A A
Alcohol: Ethyl A A
Alcohol: Hexyl A A
Alcohol: Isobutyl A A
Alcohol: Isopropyl B B
Alcohol: Methyl A A
Alcohol: Octyl A A
Alcohol: Propyl A A
Alkaline Solutions A A
Allyl Alcohol A A
Allyl Chloride B B
Almond Oil (Artificial) B B
Aluminum Acetate (Burow’s Solution) C B
Aluminum Chloride D C
Aluminum Chloride 20% D C
Aluminum Fluoride D D
Aluminum Hydroxide B C
Aluminum Nitrate A A
Aluminum Phosphate A A
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate D B
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate 10% A A
Aluminum Sulfate B B
Amines A A
Ammonia 10% A A
Ammonia Anhydrous A A
Ammonia Nitrate A A
Ammonia, anhydrous B A
Ammonium Acetate B A
Ammonium Bifluoride D B
Ammonium Carbonate B B
Ammonium Casenite A A
Ammonium Chloride C C
Ammonium Fluoride D A
Ammonium Hydroxide B A
Ammonium Nitrate A A
Ammonium Oxalate A A
Ammonium Persulfate A B
Ammonium Phosphate A A
Ammonium Phosphate, Dibasic B C
Ammonium Phosphate, Monobasic B C
Ammonium Phosphate, Tribasic B B
Ammonium Sulfate B B
Ammonium Sulfite B B
Ammonium Thiosulfate A A
Amyl Acetate (Banana Oil) A A
Amyl Alcohol A A
Amyl Chloride (Chloropentane) A A
Aniline A B
Aniline Dyes B B
Aniline Hydrochloride D D
Animal Fats & Oils A A
Anti-Freeze (Alcohol Base) A A
Anti-Freeze (Glycol Base) A A
Antimony Trichloride D D
Aqua Regia (80%, Hci, 20% Hno3) D D
Arochlor 1248 B B
Aroclor B B
Aromatic Hydrocarbons A C
Arsenic Acid B A
Arsenic Trichloride D D
Asphalt B A
Asphalt Emulsions A A
Atmosphere, Industrial B A
Automatic Brake Fluid A A
Automatic Transmission Fluid A A
Automotive Gasoline (Standard) A A
Aviation Gasoline A A
Banana Oil A A
Barbeque Sauce A A
Barium Carbonate B B
Barium Chloride B C
Barium Cyanide A A
Barium Hydroxide B B
Barium Nitrate B B
Barium Sulfate B B
Barium Sulfide B B
Beer A A
Beer (Alcohol Ind.) A A
Beer (Beverage Ind.) A A
Beet Sugar Liquids A A
Beet Sugar Liquors A A
Benzaldehyde B B
Benzene B B
Benzene Hot B B
Benzene Sulfonic Acid B B
Benzoic Acid B B
Benzol A A
Benzonitrile D D
Benzyl Alcohol A A
Benzyl Benzoate B B
Benzyl Chloride C B
Bleaching Powder (Wet) A D
Blood A A
Blood (Meat Juices – Cold) B A
Borax (Sodium Borate) A A
Bordeaux Mixtures A A
Boric Acid B A
Brake Fluid (Non-Petroleum Base) A A
Brewery Slop A A
Bromine D D
Bromine Dry Gas D D
Bromine Moist Gas D D
Bromine-Anhydrous D D
Bromobenzene B B
Bunker Oil A A
Butadiene A A
Butane A A
Butanol (Butyl Alcohol) A A
Butter C A
Buttermilk A A
Butyl Acetate B C
Butyl Acetyl Ricinoleate A A
Butyl Amine A A
Butyl Benzoate B B
Butyl Ether B A
Butyl Phthalate B B
Butyl Stearate B B
Butylene A A
Butyric Acid B B
Calcium Bisulfide B B
Calcium Bisulfite B A
Calcium Carbonate (Chalk) B B
Calcium Chloride C C
Calcium Chloride Saturated A A
Calcium Hydroxide B B
Calcium Hydroxide 10% A A
Calcium Hydroxide 20% A A
Calcium Hydroxide 30% A A
Calcium Hypochlorite C C
Calcium Hypochlorite 2% Boiling C B
Calcium Nitrate C B
Calcium Nitrite A A
Calcium Oxide A A
Calcium Sulfate B B
Calcium Sulfide B B
Calgon A A
Cane Juice A A
Cane Sugar Liquors A A
Carbitol B B
Carbolic Acid (Phenol) B B
Carbon Bisulfide B B
Carbon Dioxide A A
Carbon Dioxide (dry) A A
Carbon Dioxide (wet) A A
Carbon Disulfide B B
Carbon Monoxide A A
Carbon Tetrachloride B B
Carbon Tetrachloride (dry) B B
Carbon Tetrachloride (wet) A A
Carbonated Water A A
Carbonic Acid B B
Catsup (Ketchup) B B
Caustic A A
Cellosolve B B
Cellosolve, Acetate B B
Cellosolve, Butyl B B
Chloric Acid D D
Chlorinated Water B B
Chlorine (dry) D B
Chlorine (Wet) D D
Chlorine Dioxide D D
Chlorine Trifluoride A A
Chlorine Water C C
Chlorine, Anhydrous Liquid D D
Chloroacetic Acid D B
Chloroacetone B B
Chlorobenzene B B
Chlorobromomethane B B
Chlorobutadiene B A
Chloroform A A
Chloronaphthalene B B
Chlorophenol B B
Chlorosulfonic Acid D D
Chlorosulfonic Acid Dilute D D
Chlorotoluene B B
Chlorox® (Bleach) A A
Chocolate Syrup A A
Chromic Acid – 5% B A
Chromic Acid – 50% C B
Chromic Acid 10% B B
Chromic Acid 30% B B
Chromic Acid Concentrated C C
Chromic Acid Dilute A A
Cider (Apple Juice) A A
Citric Acid B A
Citric Acid Dilute A A
Coca Cola Syrup A A
Coconut Oil (Coconut Butter) A A
Cod Liver Oil A A
Coffee A A
Copper Acetate C C
Copper Chloride D D
Copper Cyanide B B
Copper Fluoborate D D
Copper Fluoride D D
Copper Nitrate A A
Copper Nitrite A A
Copper Sulfate A A
Copper Sulfate – 5% Solution A A
Copper Sulfate >5% B B
Copper Sulfate 5% B B
Corn Oil B A
Cream D A
Creosote Hot B B
Cresols A A
Cresylic Acid A A
Crude Oil A A
Cupric Acid D B
Cupric Chloride B B
Cutting Oil (Sulfur Base) A A
Cutting Oil (Water Soluble) A A
Cyanic Acid A A
Cyclohexane B A
Cyclohexanol B B
Cyclohexanone B B
Denatured Alcohol A A
Detergent Solutions A A
Detergents General A A
Developing Fluids (Photo) A B
Diacetone A A
Diacetone Alcohol B B
Diacetone Alcohol (Acetal) A A
Dibenzyl Ether B B
Dibutyl Phthalate A A
Dibutyl Sebecate A A
Dichlorobenzene A B
Dichlorodifluoro Methane A B
Dichloroethane B B
Diesel Fuel A A
Diethanolamine A A
Diethyl Ether B B
Diethyl Sebecate A A
Diethylamine B B
Diethylene Glycol A A
Diisobutylene B B
Dimethyl Aniline B B
Dimethyl Formamide A B
Dimethyl Phthalate A B
Dioctyl Phthalate A A
Dipentene A A
Diphenyl B B
Diphenyl Ether A A
Diphenyl Oxide B A
Dowtherm Oil A A
Dry Cleaning Fluid A A
Dyes A A
Epichlorohydrin A A
Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) A B
Ethane A A
Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) A A
Ethanolamine A A
Ether A A
Ether Sulfate D D
Ethers B B
Ethyl Acetate B B
Ethyl Acetate 120° F B B
Ethyl Acetate 140° F B B
Ethyl Acetate 70° F B B
Ethyl Acrylate A A
Ethyl Benzene B B
Ethyl Benzoate A A
Ethyl Butyrate A A
Ethyl Cellulose B B
Ethyl Chloride A A
Ethyl Chloride Wet D A
Ethyl Ether B B
Ethyl Formate B B
Ethyl Mercaptan B B
Ethyl Silicate A A
Ethyl Sulfate D D
Ethylene (Ethene) A A
Ethylene Bromide A B
Ethylene Chloride B B
Ethylene Chlorohydrin B B
Ethylene Diamine B B
Ethylene Dibromide B B
Ethylene Dichloride B B
Ethylene Glycol B B
Ethylene Oxide C C
Ethylene Trichloride A A
Fatty Acids B A
Ferric Chloride D D
Ferric Chloride Concentrated D D
Ferric Nitrate B B
Ferric Sulfate B A
Ferrous Chloride D D
Ferrous Sulfate B B
Fluoboric Acid B B
Fluorine C A
Fluorine (Liquid) A A
Fluorine Gas Dry – 300° F A B
Fluorine Gas Wet D D
Fluosilicic Acid C B
Formaldehyde D A
Formaldehyde 40% A A
Formic Acid C C
Freon – Wet C D
Freon 11 A A
Freon 112 A A
Freon 113 A A
Freon 114 A A
Freon 114B2 A A
Freon 115 A A
Freon 12 B B
Freon 13 A A
Freon 13B1 A A
Freon 14 A A
Freon 21 A A
Freon 22 A A
Freon 31 A A
Freon 32 A A
Freon 502 A A
Freon Bf A A
Freon C318 A A
Freon Dry A A
Freon Dry F11 A A
Freon Dry F12, F113, F114 A A
Freon Dry F21, F22 A A
Freon K-142B A A
Freon K-152K A A
Freon Mf A A
Freon Pca A A
Freon TF A A
Freonr 11 A A
Fruit Juice A A
Fuel Oils (ASTM #1 thru #9) A A
Furan (Furfuran) A A
Furan Resin A A
Furfural (Ant Oil) B B
Gallic Acid B B
Gas Natural A A
Gasoline (Aviation) A A
Gasoline (high-aromatic) A A
Gasoline (Leaded) A A
Gasoline (Meter) A A
Gasoline (Unleaded) A A
Gasoline Leaded Refined A A
Gasoline Sour A A
Gasoline Unleaded Refined A A
Gelatin A A
Glucose (Corn Syrup) A A
Glue (PVA) B A
Glycerin (Glycerol) A A
Glycol B B
Glycolic Acid A A
Glycols B B
Gold Monocyanide D A
Grape Juice A A
Grapefruit Oil A A
Grease A A
Grease (Ester Base) A A
Grease (Petroleum Base) A A
Grease (Silicone Base) A A
Helium A A
Heptane A A
Hexamine A A
Hexane A A
Hexanol Tertiary A A
Honey A A
Hydraulic Oil (Petro) A A
Hydraulic Oil (Petroleum Base) A A
Hydraulic Oil (Petroleum) A A
Hydraulic Oil (Synthetic) A A
Hydrazine A A
Hydrobromic Acid D D
Hydrobromic Acid 20% D D
Hydrochloric Acid – 10% D D
Hydrochloric Acid – 20% D D
Hydrochloric Acid – 37% D D
Hydrochloric Acid 100% D D
Hydrochloric Acid, Dry Gas D D
Hydrocyanic Acid B A
Hydrofluoric Acid D D
Hydrofluoric Acid (Conc.) (Cold) D D
Hydrofluoric Acid (Hot) D B
Hydrofluoric Acid 100% D B
Hydrofluoric Acid 20% D D
Hydrofluoric Acid 50% D D
Hydrofluoric Acid 75% D D
Hydrofluosilicic Acid 100% D D
Hydrofluosilicic Acid 20% C D
Hydrogen Chloride Gas Dry A A
Hydrogen Chloride Gas Wet D B
Hydrogen Cyanide B A
Hydrogen Fluoride Anhydrous B A
Hydrogen Gas A A
Hydrogen Peroxide – 10% B B
Hydrogen Peroxide – 100% B A
Hydrogen Peroxide – 30% B B
Hydrogen Peroxide – 50% B A
Hydrogen Sulfide (dry) C A
Hydrogen Sulfide (wet) C A
Hydrogen Sulfide Dry C A
Hydroquinone B B
Hypochlorous Acid D D
Ink (Printers) C C
Iodine D D
Iodoform B B
Isobutyl Alcohol A A
Isooctane A A
Isophorone A A
Isopropyl Acetate C B
Isopropyl Alcohol A A
Isopropyl Chloride A A
Isopropyl Ether A A
Jet Fuel (JP1 to JP6) A A
Jp-1 A A
Jp-2 A A
Jp-3 A A
Jp-4 A A
Jp-5 A A
Jp-6 A A
Jp-X A A
Kerosene A A
Ketchup A A
Ketones A A
Lacquer Solvents A A
Lacquer Thinners A A
Lacquers A A
Lactic Acid B B
Lard B A
Lard Oil (Cold) A A
Lard Oil (Hot) A A
Latex A A
Lauryl Alcohol (N-Dodecanol) A A
Lead Acetate B B
Lead Molten B B
Lead Nitrate B B
Lead Sulfamate C C
Lemon Oil A A
Ligroin A A
Lime A A
Lime Bleach A A
Lime Sulfur A A
Lineoleic Acid B A
Linoleic Acid B A
Lithium Chloride A A
Lithium Hydroxide B B
Lubricants A A
Lubricants (Petroleum) A A
Lubricating Oil A A
Lubricating Oil Di-Ester A A
Lye (Calcium Hydroxide) B B
Lye (Potassium Hydroxide) B A
Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) B B
Lye 10% B A
Lye 50% B B
Lye Concentrated B D
Lye Solutions A A
Magnesium Bisulfate A B
Magnesium Carbonate B B
Magnesium Chloride D D
Magnesium Hydroxide (Milk of Magnesia) B A
Magnesium Nitrate B B
Magnesium Oxide A A
Magnesium Sulfate A B
Maleic Acid B B
Maleic Anhydride A A
Malic Acid A A
Malt Beverages A A
Manganese Sulfate B B
Mash A A
Mayonnaise C A
Mercuric Chloride D D
Mercuric Chloride (Dilute Solution) D D
Mercuric Cyanide C C
Mercurous Nitrate B B
Mercury A A
Mesityl Oxide A A
Methane A A
Methanol A A
Methyl Acetate A B
Methyl Acetone A A
Methyl Alcohol B A
Methyl Alcohol 10% A A
Methyl Amine A A
Methyl Bromide A A
Methyl Butyl Ketone A A
Methyl Cellosolve B B
Methyl Chloride A A
Methyl Chloride (Dry) A A
Methyl Chloride (Wet) A A
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) A A
Methyl Formate B B
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK) B B
Methyl Isopropyl Ketone A A
Methyl Methacrylate B B
Methylamine A A
Methylene Chloride B B
Milk A A
Mineral Oil A A
Mineral Spirits A A
Mixed Acids D D
Molasses A A
Monochloroacetic acid D B
Monochlorobenzene B B
Monochlorodifluoro Methane A A
Monoethanolamine A B
Motor oil A A
Muriatic Acid D D
Mustard D D
Naphtha A A
Naphthalene A B
Napthenic Acid A A
Natural Gas A A
Neatsfoot Oil A A
N-Hexaldehyde A A
Nickel Chloride D C
Nickel Nitrate B B
Nickel Sulfate B B
Nitrating Acid (<15% HNO3) C D
Nitrating Acid (>15% H2SO4) C C
Nitrating Acid (S1% Acid) C A
Nitrating Acid (S15% H2SO4) C C
Nitric Acid – 10% A A
Nitric Acid – 20% A A
Nitric Acid – 25% A A
Nitric Acid – 35% A A
Nitric Acid – 50% B A
Nitric Acid – 70% A A
Nitric Acid (5-10% Solution) A A
Nitric Acid (Conc.) A A
Nitric Acid (Red Fuming) B B
Nitric Acid Dilute A A
Nitrobenzene B B
Nitrogen A A
Nitromethane A A
Nitrous Acid B B
Nitrous Oxide D B
O-Dichlorobenzene B B
Oils: Aniline A A
Oils: Castor A A
Oils: Cinnamon A A
Oils: Citric A A
Oils: Clove A A
Oils: Coconut A A
Oils: Cod Liver A A
Oils: Corn B A
Oils: Cottonseed C A
Oils: Creosote B B
Oils: Crude A A
Oils: Diesel Fuel (20,30,40,50) A A
Oils: Fuel (1,2,3,5A,5B,6) A A
Oils: Ginger D D
Oils: Hydraulic Oil (Petro) A A
Oils: Hydraulic Oil (Synthetic) A A
Oils: Lemon A A
Oils: Linseed A A
Oils: Mineral A A
Oils: Neatsfoot A A
Oils: Olive B A
Oils: Orange A A
Oils: Palm A A
Oils: Peanut A A
Oils: Peppermint A A
Oils: Pine A A
Oils: Rapeseed A A
Oils: Rosin A A
Oils: Sesame Seed A A
Oils: Silicone A A
Oils: Soybean A A
Oils: Sperm (whale) A A
Oils: Tanning A A
Oils: Transformer A A
Oils: Tung (Wood Oil) A B
Oils: Turbine A A
Oils: Vegetable A A
Oleic Acid A A
Oleum 100% (Fuming Sulfuric) A A
Oleum 25% B B
Oleum Spirits B B
Olive Oil B A
Oxalic Acid (cold) D D
Oxygen A A
Ozone B B
Paint Thinner, Duco B A
Paints & Solvents A A
Palm Oil A A
Palmitic Acid B A
Paraffin A A
Peanut Oil A A
Pentane C C
Peppermint Oil A A
Perchloric Acid D D
Perchloroethylene B A
Petrolatum A A
Petroleum A A
Petroleum Ether A A
Phenol (10%) B B
Phenol (Carbolic Acid) B B
Phenol Sulfonic Acid B B
Phosphoric Acid – 20% A B
Phosphoric Acid (>40%) D D
Phosphoric Acid (crude) D B
Phosphoric Acid (S40%) D C
Phosphoric Acid Aerated A B
Phosphoric Acid Air Free D A
Phosphoric Acid Boiling D D
Phosphorous Trichloride Acid A A
Phosphorus A A
Phosphorus Trichloride A A
Photographic Developer A A
Photographic Solutions D A
Phthalic Acid B B
Phthalic Anhydride A A
Picric Acid D D
Pine Oil A A
Plating Solutions – Antimony A A
Plating Solutions – Arsenic A A
Plating Solutions – Brass A A
Plating Solutions – Bronze A A
Plating Solutions – Bronze (Cu-Sn Bronze Bath 160°F) A A
Plating Solutions – Bronze (Cu-Zn Bronze Bath 100°F) A A
Plating Solutions – Cadmium (Fluoborate Bath 100°F) A A
Plating Solutions – Chrome A A
Plating Solutions – Copper (Copper Fluoborate Bath 120°F) A D
Plating Solutions – Gold A D
Plating Solutions – Indium A C
Plating Solutions – Iron A A
Plating Solutions – Lead A C
Plating Solutions – Nickel A A
Plating Solutions – Silver A A
Plating Solutions – Tin B A
Plating Solutions – Zinc A A
Potash (Potassium Carbonate) B B
Potassium Acetate B B
Potassium Aluminum Sulfate D B
Potassium Bicarbonate B B
Potassium Bichromate B B
Potassium Bromide D B
Potassium Carbonate (Potash) B B
Potassium Chlorate B B
Potassium Chloride C C
Potassium Chromate B B
Potassium Cyanide B B
Potassium Dichromate B B
Potassium Ferricyanide B B
Potassium Ferrocyanide B B
Potassium Hydrate A B
Potassium Hydroxide B A
Potassium Hypochlorite D B
Potassium Iodide B A
Potassium Nitrate B B
Potassium Oxolate B B
Potassium Permanganate B B
Potassium Sulfate B B
Potassium Sulfide B B
Potassium Sulfite B A
Propane A A
Propane (Liquified) A A
Propyl Acetate A A
Propyl Alcohol A A
Propylene B A
Propylene Glycol B B
Propylene Oxide A A
Pydraul A A
Pyridine B B
Pyrogallic Acid D B
Pyroligneous Acid (Wood Vinegar) B B
Quinine Bisulfate B B
Quinine Sulfate B B
Rapeseed Oil A A
Rosin B B
Rosin Oil A A
Rum A A
Rust Inhibitors A A
Sal Ammoniac B A
Salad Dressings A A
Salicylic Acid B B
Salt Brine B D
Salt Water C B
Sea Water C C
Sesame Seed Oil A A
Sewage A A
Shellac A A
Shellac (Bleached) A A
Shellac (Orange) A A
Silicone A A
Silicone Oil A A
Silver Bromide D D
Silver Chloride D D
Silver Cyanide A A
Silver Nitrate B B
Soap Solutions A A
Soda Ash A A
Sodium Acetate B B
Sodium Acid Sulfate D B
Sodium Aluminate A A
Sodium Aluminum Sulfate D A
Sodium Bicarbonate A B
Sodium Bichromate B B
Sodium Bisulfate D C
Sodium Bisulfite C B
Sodium Borate C B
Sodium Borate (Borax) B B
Sodium Bromide C C
Sodium Carbonate A A
Sodium Chlorate B B
Sodium Chloride C C
Sodium Chromate B B
Sodium Cyanide A B
Sodium Ferrocyanide B B
Sodium Fluoride D D
Sodium Hydroxide (20%) B B
Sodium Hydroxide (50%) B B
Sodium Hydroxide (80%) D D
Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda-Lye) A A
Sodium Hypochlorite D A
Sodium Hypochlorite (<20%) C C
Sodium Hypochlorite (100%) D D
Sodium Hyposulfate A A
Sodium Hyposulfite D D
Sodium Metaphosphate D D
Sodium Metasilicate A A
Sodium Nitrate B B
Sodium Nitrate Moten B A
Sodium Perborate B C
Sodium Peroxide B A
Sodium Phosphate B B
Sodium Polyphosphate B B
Sodium Silicate (Water Glass) A B
Sodium Sulfate (Salt Cake) B B
Sodium Sulfide B D
Sodium Sulfite D B
Sodium Tetraborate A A
Sodium Thiosulfate B B
Sorghum A A
Soy Sauce D D
Soybean Oil A A
Stannic Chloride D D
Stannous Chloride C A
Starch B B
Stearic Acid B B
Stoddard Solvent A A
Styrene A A
Sugar (Liquids) A A
Sulfate (Liquors) B B
Sulfate Liquor Black B B
Sulfite Liquor B B
Sulfolane D B
Sulfur D D
Sulfur Chloride D D
Sulfur Dioxide D A
Sulfur Dioxide (dry) D A
Sulfur Dioxide Gas Dry A A
Sulfur Trioxide B C
Sulfur Trioxide (dry) D C
Sulfuric Acid (<10%) D C
Sulfuric Acid (10-75%) D D
Sulfuric Acid (75-100%) C D
Sulfuric Acid (cold concentrated) C B
Sulfuric Acid (hot concentrated) D C
Sulfuric Acid Fuming Oleum B B
Sulfurous Acid D B
Syrup A A
Tall Oil D B
Tallow A A
Tannic Acid B A
Tanning Liquors A A
Tar And Tar Oil B A
Tar, Bituminous A B
Tartaric Acid C C
Terpineol A A
Tertiary Butyl Catechol B B
Tetra Ethyl Lead A A
Tetrachloroacetic Acid D D
Tetrachloroethane C A
Tetrachloroethylene A B
Tetrahydrofuran A A
Tetralin A A
Tetraphosphoric Acid B B
Thionyl Chloride D D
Tin Molten C C
Tin Tetrachloride D D
Titanium Tetrachloride B B
Toluene (Toluol) A A
Toluene At 70° A A
Tomato Juice A A
Tomato Pulp & Juice A A
Transformer Oil A A
Transmission Fluid (Type A) A A
Tributyl Phosphate A A
Trichloroacetic Acid D D
Trichloroethane B B
Trichloroethylene B B
Trichloromonofluoroethane (Freon 17) A A
Trichloropropane A A
Trichlorotrifluoroethane (Freon 113) A A
Tricresyl Phosphate B B
Tricresylphosphate B B
Triethanol Amine A A
Triethanolamine A A
Triethyl Phosphate A A
Triethylamine A A
Triphenyl Phosphite A A
Trisodium Phosphate B B
Tung Oil A B
Turbine Oil A A
Turpentine A A
Urea B B
Uric Acid B B
Urine A A
Vanilla Extract A A
Varnish A A
Vegetable Juice A A
Vegetable Oil A A
Vegetable Oil (Hot) B B
Vinegar B A
Vinyl Acetate B B
Vinyl Chloride B A
Water A A
Water, Acid Mine B B
Water, Boiler Feed A A
Water, Brackish A A
Water, Deionized A A
Water, Demineralized A A
Water, Distilled A A
Water, Fresh A A
Water, Salt C C
Water-Brine, Process, Beverage B B
Waxes D A
Weed Killers A A
Whey A A
Whiskey A A
Whiskey & Wines A A
White Liquor (Pulp Mill) B A
White Water (Paper Mill) A A
Wine A A
Wood Pulp A A
Xylene B B
Zinc Carbonate B B
Zinc Chloride D D
Zinc Cyanide A A
Zinc Hydrosulfite A A
Zinc Molten D D
Zinc Nitrate A A
Zinc Sulfate B A
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