Matrix: DC motor / Brushless DC motor

Product Code: HP2001


This permanently coupled Brushless motor and DC motor on a platform is a required set of equipment for a number of MATRIX’s automotive training kits.

The DC motor/brushless DC motor pair (HP2001) allows students to explore the fundamentals of motors and generators.

The Brushless motor acts as a three-phase generator. The speed is controlled through the PWM or the voltage input, which means this product behaves a bit like a variable wind speed wind turbine or a motor in an electric vehicle.

HP2001 consists of:

  • 1 24V DC motor coupled (mounted to the brushless motor)
  • 1 24V brushless DC three phase motor (mounted to the DC motor)
  • 1 brushless DC motor drive module

The DC motor/brushless motor pair is required for study of the following kits:

  • LK-8170 Automotive fault finding (one worksheet only, check curriculum for clarification)
  • LK-2410 Automotive motors, generators & charging systems
  • LK-5281 Automotive high voltage battery circuits
  • LK-1800 Automotive ECU’s, architecture and logic