Building Better Bridges Kit

Product Code: ME-3581


Now is the perfect time for your students to learn about bridge-building and how bridges really work. This complete STEM kit allows students to learn and apply engineering design concepts. They can use the I-Beams to build bridges and structures that behave like the real thing! And with the included new Wireless Load Cell, students can measure forces under tension or compression anywhere in their structures.


  • Forces in Equilibrium
  • Internal Forces
  • Moments in Equilibrium
  • Strength of Members
  • Truss Analysis

What’s Included

  • 1x Lab Activities
  • 1x Wireless Load Cell and Accelerometer (PS-3216)
  • 16x Truss Connector
  • 80x Truss Screw
  • 1x Sliding Connector
  • 1x Mass Hanger
  • 1x Weight Set
  • 6x #1 Flexible I-Beam Member
  • 2x #2 Flexible I-Beam Member
  • 10x #3 Flexible I-Beam Member
  • 18x #4 Flexible I-Beam Member
  • 8x #5 Flexible I-Beam Member
  • 1x Gratnells® Storage Tray and foam liner


Perform the following experiments and more with the Building Better Bridges Kit.
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