Mini Ballistic Pendulum Accessory

Product Code: ME-6829


Turn your PASCO Launcher into a Ballistic Pendulum using the Rotary Motion Sensor. Combine this accessory with the Mini Launcher and a Rotary Motion Sensor to study ballistic pendulums, momentum and energy.

What’s Included

  • 1x Pendulum Arm with Catcher
  • 1x Ballast Mass
  • 1x Steel Ball

Buying Guide

Required Accessories
1x Mini Launcher ME-6825B
Requires One Of These
PASPORT Rotary Motion Sensor PS-2120A
Wireless Rotary Motion PS-3220
Rotary Motion Sensor CI-6538

Supporting Documents

Mini Ballistic Pendulum Accessory Manual English 589.02 KB
Manual Downloads
Replacement Parts

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