Complete Rotational System

Product Code: ME-8950A


The Complete Rotational System features a cast iron base, dual ball bearings, and stainless steel shaft. It generates moments of inertia large enough to be sensed by anyone rotating the system by hand. This system is ideal for experiments pertaining to centripetal force, angular momentum, and rotational motion. Additional accessories can be added for experiments concerning torques, friction, magnetic levitation, and Faraday’s Law. Angular velocity and motorized drive can be monitored using a computer.


  • Four kilogram cast iron base for stability
  • Dual ball bearings
  • Precision stainless steel shaft

Perform These Experiments

  • Centripetal Force
  • Rotational Inertia of a Point Mass
  • Rotational Inertia of a Disk Off-Axis (fixed and rotating)
  • Rotational Inertia of Disk and Ring – Two Axes
  • Conservation of Angular Momentum, Using a Point Mass
  • Conservation of Angular Momentum, Using a Disk and Ring
  • Conservation of Angular Momentum (Projectile Version)

How It Works

The Complete Rotational System makes it easy to implement computer-based data collection and analysis when used with a Rotary Motion Sensor or Photogate.

  • The Rotary Motion Sensor mounts to the base with an “A” Adapter and measures both angular velocity and direction
  • The Photogate Head mounts directly to the rotating platform base to measure angular velocity

What’s Included


Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Product Specifications

Base Cast Iron, 4 kg, with leveling feet
Rotating Platform Aluminum extrusion, 24 cm usable length (26 cm overall)
Shaft Stainless steel, 1.25 cm diameter, approx 18 cm length, knurled
Disk Heavy-grade PVC, center ball bearing, 22.9 cm diameter, 1500 g
Ring Steel, 12.7 cm outside diameter, 1420 g
Square Sliding Masses 300 g each

Required Accessories

1x Mass and Hanger Set ME-8979

Recommended Accessories

Photogate Head ME-9498A
A-Base Rotational Adapter CI-6690
Rotational Motor Drive ME-8955
Wireless Smart Gate PS-3225
Wireless Rotary Motion Sensor PS-3220
Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor PS-3202

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