Precision Diffraction Slits (OS-8515C Accessory)

Product Code: OS-8453


OS-8453 includes two slit wheels with holders designed to match the height of the slits to the height of the diode laser. All components clip directly to the Optics Bench from the Basic Optics System OS-8515C. The slit wheels eliminate the frustration of trying to change the slits in a darkened room. To change the slit being illuminated by the laser, the slit wheel is simply rotated to the next positive click, which locks another slit into position.

The Single-Slit Wheel includes four single slits of different widths, two circular apertures, one line/slit comparison, one opaque line, a variable width slit, and four patterns.

The Multiple-Slit Wheel includes four double slits, a set of four multiple slits having the same slit width and separation (2, 3, 4, and 5 slits), four slit comparisons, and a variable double slit.

The Precision Diffraction Slits (OS-8453) is an accessory for the:


  • Single-Slit Diffraction Pattern
  • 4-Slit Diffraction Pattern
  • Double-Slit Diffraction Pattern
  • Built-in scale
  • Track just snaps together

What’s Included

  • 1 x Single-Slit Wheel with Holder
  • 1 x Multiple-Slit Wheel with Holder

Recommended Accessories

Basic Optics System OS-8515C
Red Diode Laser OS-8525A
Green Diode Laser OS-8458B

Experiment Library

Perform the following experiments and more with the Precision Diffraction Slits.
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