Basic Optics System

Product Code: OS-8515C


PASCO’s Basic Optics System is easy-to-use, affordable, and ruggedly designed. Large, 50 mm diameter optics components are mounted in protective holders that snap directly onto the aluminum track, allowing students to easily adjust components by snapping or sliding them along the track. Image and object distances for both lenses and mirrors can be measured quickly and accurately with the built-in metric tape. The Light Source doubles as a tabletop ray box for studies in reflection, refraction, color addition, and Snell’s Law. All of the components, with the exception of the track, fit in the included storage box.


  • Optics Track (1.2 m): Lens holders, mirrors, light source, and viewing screen snap into this rugged aluminum optics track. The metric tape makes position measurements easy. Optical alignment is always a snap.
  • Light Source: Has a lighted crossed arrow target with metric scale for focusing images through lenses or using with the concave mirror. Acts as a point light source, 1, 3, or 5 parallel rays, or red-green-blue rays.
  • Lenses: 4 – 50 mm diameter lenses with focal lengths of +100, +200, +250, -150 mm mounted in protective holders
  • Concave/Convex Mirror: 50 mm diameter plastic mirror with reflective surface on both sides. Includes “half-screen” upon which the image is focused.
  • Adjustable Lens Holder: Use your own lenses (from 19 mm to 75 mm in diameter) or choose from our lens sets.
  • Ray Optics Kit: Concave/convex lenses, concave/convex/plane mirrors, acrylic rhomboid prism for spreading white light and refraction experiments, hollow lens for teaching the lensmaker’s equation. Storage tray functions as a water tank for the hollow lens.
  • Ray Table: Two-piece construction allows the table to rotate for studying Snell’s Law or the Law of Reflection. Includes D-shaped acrylic lens.
  • Viewing Screen: White plastic screen snaps into the optics bench – the position of the screen is visible on the bench scale.
  • Experiment Manual: The experiment guide includes 17 ready-to-use optics experiments with teacher notes and sample data.
  • Storage Box: Everything fits neatly into the protective storage box, with the exception of the 1.2 meter Optics Track.

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