Prism Spectrophotometer Kit – Basic Optics

Product Code: OS-8544


One of the basic phenomena that led to the development of quantum mechanics was the spectral curve seen from a black body. Using this prism spectrophotometer, students can scan the spectrum of a black body, plot the intensity versus wavelength and change the temperature of the black body to see the shift in the peak wavelength.

This spectrophotometer uses a prism to disperse the light instead of a diffraction grating. This allows the infrared to be seen without overlapping the second order visible spectral lines. The Infrared Sensor has a linear response to all wavelengths within its range, so the actual intensity of the light in the black body spectrum is detected and there is no need to calibrate the intensity. Designed to be used with the OS-8543 Prism Mount Spectrophotometer System.

What’s Included

  • 1 x Mounted Prism
  • 1 x IR Filter
  • 1 x Blackbody Light Source

Software Required

This product requires PASCO software for data collection and analysis. We recommend the following option(s).

Interface Required

This product requires a PASCO Interface to connect to your computer or device. We recommend the following option(s).

Buying Guide

Required Accessories P/N
1x PASPORT Broad Spectrum Light Sensor PS-2150
1x PASPORT Educational Spectrophotometer OS-8450


Parts Available Separately P/N
Black Body Light Source OS-8542


Replacement Parts P/N
Replacement Light Bulbs (10) SE-8509

Support Documents

Educational Spectrophotometer Manual

OS-8543 Prism Mount Manual