Wireless Geiger-Counter

Product Code: PS-3238


The PASCO Wireless Geiger Counter counts beta, gamma and alpha radiation particles as they enter the Geiger–Müller detector tube inside the counter. Designed for easy mounting, the Geiger Counter provides superior position control in inverse square law labs, as well as an audible beep to indicate the detection of ionizing radiation. The front plastic snout fits conveniently inside the NU-3344 Sample Holder stand (available separately), which stabilizes the front of the counter’s detector tube exactly 1 cm from the first slot in the holder.

With the Wireless Geiger Counter, students can wirelessly control the high voltage supplied to the Geiger–Müller tube inside the counter, enabling them to make measurements of counts/interval for different tube voltages. They can also plot counts/interval versus tube voltages to experimentally observe the Geiger plateau characteristics of the tube.


  • Built-in metal mesh screen to protect the delicate mica window in the front of the Geiger–Müller detector tube
  • Audible beep count indication that is easily switched on or off
  • Versatile positioning options: either in the NU-3344 Sample Holder, hand-held, or mounted on a rod stand
  • Convenient design to natively fit the PASCO NU-3344 Sample Holder
  • Provides wireless control over the high voltage supplied to the Geiger–Müller tube inside the counter for Geiger plateau experiments


  • Observe the inverse square law
  • Measure the Geiger plateau associated with a Geiger–Müller tube
  • Demonstrate the shielding properties of different materials and different types of ionizing radiation

What’s Included

  • 1x Wireless Geiger Counter
  • 1x Micro USB Cable (PS-3584)
  • 1x Threaded handle for mounting the sensor to a ring stand

Product Specifications

Sensitivity Alpha, Beta, Gamma
Count Detection Switchable audio signal
Gas Filling Ne +Halogen
Effective Tube Diameter 9.1 mm
Window Thickness 1.5 to 2.0 mg/cm2
High Voltage Control Range 150 VDC to 650 VDC
Standard Operating Voltage 500 VDC

Recommended Accessories

Geiger Counter Sample Holder NU-3344
Absorbers (set of 20) SN-8111A
Radioactive Sources (set of 3) SN-8110
Radioactive Sources (set of 5) SN-7972A
Isotope Generation Kit (Barium-137 m) SN-7995A

Replacement Parts

Micro USB Cable PS-3584

Support Documents