Fiber Optic Cable and Reflective Cuvette

Product Code: SE-7182


Enhance the capabilities of your PASCO UV-Vis Spectrometer (SE-3607) for the analysis of emission sources, external samples, and the classification of lasers with the UV-Vis Fiber Optic Kit. This complete kit includes a quartz core cable (50-cm quartz core, 0.2-mm diameter) and a front surface mirror, reflective cuvette. Other applications include: analysis of external absorption spectra, measurement of electronic transition energies, calculation of the Rydbergh constant, and determination of light source energies.

Designed for use with


  • Determine the energy required for electron transitions in various elements
  • Compare electron transitions in systems with multiple bonds and extended conjugation
  • Determination of Rydberg’s constant
  • Elemental analysis of gaseous samples
  • Analysis of single electron transition absorption and emission

What’s Included

  • 1x Quartz core cable with attached reflective cuvette