UV-VIS Spectrometer

Product Code: SE-3607


Get fast, accurate, and reliable performance in your undergraduate teaching labs with the new PASCO UV-VIS Spectrometer.

  • Spectral scans from 175 to 1050 nm
  • Intuitive, software-based operation
  • One-click light and dark calibrations
  • Isolated optic bench for consistent accuracy (±1 nm)
  • Convenient tools for data export and printing


Dimensions:              25.0cm×17.0cm×7.0cm
Power supply:           AC adapter(included)
Light source:             Deuterium and incandescent
Detector:                   2048 pixels linear CMOS
Wavelength range:  175-1050nm
Optical resolution :  ~1.5nm
Wavelength accuracy: ±1nm
Photometric accuracy: ±5%

Lab Inspiration:

  • Synthesis of Aspirin
  • Isolation of Caffeine
  • Patterns in peak absorption for substituted benzene
  • Spectra and identification of aromatic compounds
  • Kinetics of aspirin hydrolysis