2.0 m Air Track

Product Code: SF-9214


It’s simple physics—a moving object will continue forever at a constant velocity unless it’s acted on by an external force. To the physicist, Newton’s First Law is second nature. Yet it’s still fascinating to watch an air track glider moving endlessly back and forth on an air track.

It’s even more fascinating for students, who are often seeing this simple display of motion for the first time.

Add a timing system to investigate uniform motion, average and instantaneous velocities, uniform acceleration, elastic and inelastic collisions, impulse and change in momentum, conservation of momentum, conservation of energy, and more. The data is precise and unambiguous and frictional forces are negligible.


  • Precision Cart: Designed to easily accept accessories such as flags, extra masses, etc.
  • 2-Meter Scale: Mounted to both sides of track.
  • Soft Bumpers: Reduce energy loss during collisions.
  • Alignment Channel: Ensures that the track will always be straight.

Compared to other air tracks, the PASCO Air Track is:

  • Longer: The full 2-meter length provides more room for experimenting (yet it still fits on a standard lab table).
  • Straighter: Guaranteed straight to within 0.04 mm over its entire 2-meter length. If your air track should ever become misaligned, return it to us and we will realign it for free.
  • Tougher: The track is a large square aluminum extrusion with 3 mm thick walls that are further strengthened by a supporting U-channel. This construction preserves straightness and allows for accurate realignment.
  • Quieter: When using PASCO’s Air Supply (SF-9216 Sold Separately) this system is exceptionally quiet (allows the air to be adjusted), and the variable flow to the perfect amount for each experiment. (Too little air causes friction; too much air causes energy loss due to glider “flutter.”)
  • Versatile: The PASCO Air Track comes with a large set of accessories

What’s Included

  • 2x Gliders :13 cm long; 170 g; with rubber-band bumpers
  • 2x Glider Flags : 25 mm
  • 4x Glider Masses: 50 g
  • 3x Glider Bumper
  • 1x Inelastic Collision Kit : Needle with wax-filled receptacle
  • 1x Constant Acceleration Kit: Ball-bearing pulley, glider hook, mass hanger (2 g) and five acceleration masses: two 1 g; one 2 g; one 5 g; one 10 g
  • 1x Storage Case

Product Specifications

Length 2 m (working distance 1.9 m)
Base Three-point with bilateral leveling screws
Millimeter Scales 2 meters long on each side

Support Documents

2 m Air Track Manual