Smart Timer Photogate System

Product Code: ME-8932


The PASCO Smart Timer is among the most versatile and affordable measurement tools available to physics educators. This system includes a PASCO Smart Timer and two Photogates for measuring time, speed, acceleration, and count.


  • Two Photogates and one Pulley
  • Calculates speed and acceleration, while recording time
  • Menu-driven display with easy-to-follow flowchart instructions on the label
  • Turn it on, plug in the photogates, and it’s ready to use
  • The 3-section fence measures leading edge to leading edge for maximum accuracy.
  • Can be used with the included 9V AC adapter or with 4 AA cell batteries.
  • A switch inside the battery compartment disables the speed and acceleration modes, but continues time measurements to encourage manual calculations.

Typical Experiments

  • Acceleration Due to Gravity
  • Newton’s Second Law
  • Conservation of Momentum in Collisions
  • Rotational Inertia of a Disk and Ring
  • Acceleration Down an Incline
  • Simple Harmonic Oscillator
  • Oscillations on an Incline
  • Springs in Series and Parallel
  • Projectile Motion
  • Time-of-Flight and Initial Velocity
  • Determining Acceleration Due to Gravity
  • Radiation in the Geiger-Muller Tube

What’s Included


Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Supporting Documents

Accessory Photogate Manual

Smart Timer Manual