Time-of-Flight Accessory

Product Code: ME-6810A


The Time-of-Flight Accessory is designed primarily for freefall or projectile experiments. When an object hits the plate, a signal is sent to the interface. Note: When used with the Projectile Launcher, a photogate is used to start the timer and the 20’ extension cable is recommended.


  • Use with all PASCO launchers
  • Conduct freefall experiments

Typical Experiments

  • Time-of-Flight Versus Initial Velocity
  • Horizontal Distance (two Photogate Heads needed)
  • Horizontal Velocity is Constant

What’s Included

  • 1x Time-of-Flight Accessory
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 1x Experiment Guide

Software Required

This product requires PASCO software for data collection and analysis. We recommend the following option(s). For more information on which is right for your classroom, see our Software Comparison: SPARKvue vs. Capstone »

Interface Required

This product requires a PASCO Interface to connect to your computer or device. We recommend the following option(s). For a breakdown of features, capabilities, and additional options, see our Interface Comparison Guide »


Perform the following experiments and more with the Time-of-Flight Accessory.
Visit PASCO’s Experiment Library to view all activities for this product.

Required Accessories

1x Smart Timer Photogate System ME-8932
1x Digital Photogate Timer System ME-9403A
1x Photogate Mounting Bracket ME-6821A

Requires One Of These

Projectile Launcher ME-6800
Mini Launcher ME-6825B
Photogate Head ME-9498A
Smart Gate PS-2180

Recommended Accessories

Phone Jack Extender Cable PI-8117

Support Documents