Thermal Radiation Cube (Leslie’s Cube)

Product Code: TD-8554A


For quantitative experiments in thermal radiation, an accurate source is as important as an accurate sensor. With the Thermal Radiation Cube, students control the temperature (up to 120 °C) and observe the radiation rate from 4 different surfaces: black matte, white matte, polished aluminum and dull aluminum. With the Radiation Sensor, students can quantitatively investigate: radiation from different surfaces at a single temperature; radiation from a single surface at different temperatures (Stefan-Boltzmann Law); and the absorptive and reflective properties of substances (window glass is provided).


  • Electrically Heated: The 100-watt bulb inside eliminates the danger of an open flame and the inconvenience of water-heated cubes. Temperature is conveniently controlled with the power control knob.
  • Thick Aluminum Walls: The aluminum walls of the cube are 6 mm thick, providing efficient heat conduction so the temperature is constant to within a fraction of a degree at all points on the cube.
  • Thermistor: A 100 kΩ thermistor embedded in one wall of the cube provides accurate temperature measurement with no thermometer to break

Required Accessories

1x Radiation Sensor TD-8553
1x Basic Digital Multimeter SE-9786A

Also Available

Complete Thermal Radiation System TD-8855

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