Product Code: WA-7428


A sonometer is a two-string guitar device that uses hanging weights to create tension in the strings. The two strings have different densities. The student can vary the lengths of the strings using the included bridges and a pick (included) or finger to pluck the strings. Sonometers are used to study standing waves in strings, wave speed, and musical instruments.

Built-in Features

  • Tuning gears for fine adjustment of string tension
  • 5-to-1 tensioning lever allows the tension to be five times the hanging weight
  • Rulers on both sides to measure the string length to the indicator on the bridge
  • Sounding board for resonating the sound of the vibrating strings
  • Stainless steel string guides for durability

Designed for use with

  • Tuning Forks
  • Sound Sensor

How It Works

The Sonometer is an apparatus used for exploring the wave properties of vibrating strings. It includes two mounts to install strings of different linear densities onto a sounding board. String length is varied by changing the position of a sliding bridge under the string. String tension is varied by hanging masses from the lever attached to the end of the string. To vibrate the strings, pluck them with a pick or use resonance by vibrating a tuning fork. Use a sound sensor with SPARKvue or PASCO Capstone to measure the frequency of vibration.

What’s Included

  • 1x Sonometer
  • 2x Bridges
  • 2x PASCO Guitar Pick
  • 4x 0.014-inch steel string
  • 4x 0.018-inch steel string

Product Specifications

Working length of sounding board 50 cm
Strings Steel guitar strings with diameters 0.014-inch and 0.018-inch (4 of each type)
Tuning Gears For fine adjustments of the string tension
Built-in Rulers Rulers on both sides measuring the string length at the indicator on the bridge
Tensioning Lever 5-to-1 lever to provide tension in the string with built-in bubble level
Maximum hanging mass per string 3 kg
PASCO Guitar Pick Yellow Nylon 0.73 mm thick

Required Accessories

Large Slotted Mass Set ME-7566
Short Mass Hanger ME-7590

Recommended Accessories

Wireless Sound Sensor PS-3227
Sound Sensor with Microphone UI-5101
Tuning Fork Set SE-7342
Tuning Fork Technical Set SE-7728

Replacement Parts

Sonometer Strings WA-7429

Also Available

String Vibrator WA-9857A

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