Mini Speaker (WA-9606 Accessory)

Product Code: WA-9605


The Mini Speaker (WA-9605) is specially made to work with the Resonance Air Column. It can be powered with the Function Generator (PI-8127), an 850 Universal Interface (UI-5000), or a 550 Universal Interface (UI-5001). It is also useful as a stand-alone speaker for doing interference demonstrations. Two Mini Speakers acting as point sources can output the same frequency and the spatial interference pattern can be explored.

The Mini Speaker (WA-9605) is a replacement part for the:

Product Specifications

Maximum Voltage 10 V
Power 2 W
Impedance 8 Ω
Protection Resistor 15 Ω, 2 W

Buying Guide

Requires One Of These P/N
Function Generator PI-8127
850 Universal Interface UI-5000

Support Documents

Mini Speaker Instruction Sheet