Wireless Drop Counter (Local Stock)

Product Code: PS-3214-LS


The Wireless Drop Counter has a wider (18 x 13 mm) drop window for better drop detection and easier alignment with burettes. It works equally well with large or small, fast or slow drops.

Able to measure up to 40 events per second with drops as small as 0.5 mm.


  • Measures up to 10 drops per second
  • IR Filter assures accurate counts because room lighting cannot affect results
  • Sensor unit can suspend up to two other probes in solution, simplifying many experiments
  • Wider drop window (18 x 13 mm) means better drop detection and easier alignment with burettes
  • Splash resistant design to keep it safe from harm in wet labs
  • Automatically recalibrates for maximum sensitivity each time the unit is turned on.
  • LED drop indicator makes setup and testing easy
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery (>200 hours on a single charge)
  • Included materials make it easy to set up a drop dispenser and easily control drop size and flow


Perform the following experiments and more with the Wireless Drop Counter.
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  • 1x Wireless Drop Counter
  • 1x Micro Stir Bar
  • 1x Drop Dispenser with Stopcock
  • 1x Plastic Dispenser Rod Clamp

Typical Applications

  • Titration
  • Investigating indicators
  • Chemical reactions
  • Counting drops and measuring volume

Includes a Micro Stir Bar for even better titration data. The Micro Stir Bar connects to the end of your pH or Conductivity probe and maintains a constant constant flow of solution over the end of the electrode. Works with a standard stir plate. (Additional Micro Stir Bars are also available separately.) It also includes a Drop Dispenser plus a stainless steel rod for easy attachment to a ring stand.

Product Specifications

Maximum Drop Count Rate 40 Drops/ second
Exterior Case ABS Plastic
Optical Window Acrylic

Battery & Logging

Stored Data Points Memory (Logging) 1 Not Supported
Battery – Connected (Data Collection Mode) 2 >260 hr
Battery – Logging (Data Logging Mode) 3 Not Supported
Battery Type LiPo

1 Minimum # of data points with all measurements enabled, actual results depend on enabled measurements.

2 Continuous use in a connected state until battery failure, actual results will depend on sample rate, active measurements, and battery condition.

3 Logging until battery failure, actual results will depend on sample rate, active measurements, and battery condition.

* Normal classroom use is the sensor in active use for 20min/lab for 120 lab periods/yr.

Recommended Accessories

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Heater Stirrer PS-3401
PASCO Micro Stir Bar, 5-Pack PS-2565
Wireless Sensor Charging Station PS-3599

Replacement Parts

Drop Dispenser PS-6935
Micro USB Cable PS-3584