Ripple Tank Optics Replacement Set

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This product consists of replacement parts for the WA-9897 Ripple Tank and the WA-9896 Ripple Generator and Light Source, which are used to demonstrate wave phenomena. (The Ripple Tank and Ripple Generator/Light Source comprise the WA-9899 Ripple Tank System.)

The parts include barriers and refractors, foam rubber beaches, a pipette, and a plastic bottle for use with the Ripple Tank, and dippers, adapters, actuators, and a plane wave dipper for use with the Ripple Generator.


  • Plastic Storage Box for Components
  • Bottle, 1 oz (for tergitol surfacant)
  • Pipette (5 mL)
  • Short foam beach (4)
  • Long foam beach (4)
  • Curved Reflector
  • Mini barrier
  • Short barrier
  • Long barrier (2)
  • Convex refractor
  • Concave refractor
  • Trapezoidal refractor
  • Plane dipper
  • Standard dippers (7)
  • Dipper adapters (2)
  • Small actuator (2)
  • Large actuator (2)

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