Essential Physics 3rd Edition Comprehensive Equipment Kit

Product Code: EP-6490A


This kit is designed to support all of the sensor-based, hands-on lab investigations within the Essential Physics 3rd Edition Curriculum, as well as the Comprehensive Physics Investigations lab manual. This kit includes enough equipment for a full year of investigations in a standard, algebra-based physics course.

What’s Included

Experiment Library Collections

Buying Guide

Replacement Parts P/N
Weight Set EP-3563
Tripod Stand EP-3572
Smart Cart (Blue) ME-1241
Replacement Bulbs for Modular Circuits EM-3541
Small Steel Balls (10 pack) ME-9872

Support Documents

Mini Launcher Manual – ME-6825A

Mini Launcher Manual – ME-6825B

Modular Circuits for Essential Physics Instructions

Replacement Plumb Bobs Manual

Simple Machines Engineering Kit Manual

Wireless Smart Cart Manual