Code Node Cart

Product Code: PS-3235


The //code.Node Cart is a four-wheeled cart into which fits the //code.Node. The //code.Node reads the velocity of the //code.Node Cart by detecting the spinning magnet on the cart axle. The low-friction wheels are spring-loaded to protect them if the cart falls off the table.

The //code.Node Cart is also useful without the //code.Node as a simple dynamics cart. A motion sensor can be used to track the motion of the cart.


  • Low-friction spring-loaded wheels
  • //code.Node snaps into cart
  • //code.Node reads cart velocity
  • Four slots for optional 50-gram masses
  • Threaded hole for attaching bumpers
  • String tie points on front and rear
  • Designed to fit any PASCO dynamics track


  • Display arrow on //code.Node LED array to indicate direction of acceleration
  • Kinematics Experiments
  • Make //code.Node beep when a certain speed is exceeded

How It Works

The //code.Node Cart is a four-wheeled cart into which fits the //code.Node. There is a magnet on one of the axles that rotates with the axle and the //code.Node magnetic field sensor reads the spinning field and interprets it as a velocity. The direction of the spin is detected using the two axes of the magnetic field sensor. This reading is reported as position and velocity under the Motion Sensor.

What’s Included

  • 1x Cart Body with Wheels

Experiment Library

Perform the following experiments and more with the //code.Node Cart.
Visit PASCO’s Experiment Library to view more activities.

Support Document

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