Product Code: PS-6206


Designed for use with PASCO’s //control.Node, the USB Fan enables students to control growing conditions such as humidity, temperature, and wind disturbance inside a closed system. When plugged into a standard USB power source, the 5V Fan can be powered on or off to provide airflow for cooling or drying. When powered by a //control.Node, the USB Fan becomes fully programmable, enabling students to maintain and automate environmental conditions for optimized growth in closed systems.


  • Keeping live tanks at consistent temperatures
  • Adding fresh air to terraria with insects, other animals
  • Adjusting humidity in terraria for amphibians or vivarium for plants
  • Flushing oxygen out and adding more carbon dioxide to greenhouses or vivarium for plant needs

What’s Included

  • 1x 5V USB 40 x 40 mm square cooling fan
  • 1x 2m usb extension power chord
  • 1x Frame with snout to direct air which fits ME-6667 EcoChamber or other glassware / plastic ware hole of 27.8mm (#5)
  • 1x Removable protective dust and debris back cover and filter

Product Specifications

Size 40 x 40 x 10 mm
USB length 200 mm (8 in)
Fan Speed 5000 rpm ±10% RPM
Voltage 5V
Current 0.1A
Airflow 4 ft3/min
Operating temps -10 to 65C
Useage 40,000 hrs at 25C

Required Accessories

1x //control.Node PS-3232
1x Power Output Module PS-3324

Also Available

//control.Node Sense and Control Kit PS-5050
Greenhouse Sense and Control Kit ST-2997
Metabolism Chamber ME-6936

Support Documents