Product Code: ME-6667


PASCO’s EcoZone System is designed to help students model and understand the complex interactions within, and among, different ecosystems. The three clear acrylic EcoChambers are specially designed to accommodate PASCO sensors, making qualitative and quantitative measurements as easy as observing a classroom aquarium or terrarium..

Students can model interactions between different ecosystems by connecting them via their side ports. Establish a traditional terrestrial, aquatic or decomposition arrangement, or create your own unique biome to model and measure. With the EcoChamber, students can easily alter conditions for controlled studies in how light, moisture, humidity, temperature, acidity, or the introduction of other species impacts the ecosystem! Student groups can selectively manipulate conditions to create their own investigations.

What’s Included

  • 1x Acrylic chamber
  • 7x Stoppers of various sizes
  • 5x Probe stoppers
  • 1x 20 cc calibrated syringe
  • 1x Sample tube with connector

Product Specifications

Approximate Volume (with lid) 4.3L
Approximate Fill Volume (liquid) 3.3L

Recommended Accessories

Wireless Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor PS-3224
Wireless CO₂ Sensor (Carbon Dioxide) PS-3208
Wireless Oxygen Gas Sensor PS-3217
Wireless Temperature Sensor PS-3201
Wireless pH Sensor PS-3204
Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS PS-3209
Greenhouse Sensor PS-3322
USB Fan PS-6206
USB Water Pump SE-6208

Experiment Library

Perform the following experiments and more with the EcoChamber.
Visit PASCO’s Experiment Library to view more activities.

Fermentation investigations

The traditional mechanical approach to yeast respiration studies used mixed gas volume measurement as a proxy for anaerobic respiration in yeast. This approach lacks determination of which gases were produced and in what volume there were produced. In contrast, PASCO’s oxygen gas, carbon dioxide gas, and ethanol gas sensors provide a quick, convenient, cost-effective way to directly measure oxygen gas, carbon dioxide gas, and ethanol gas produced during yeast respiration.

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