EcoZone System

Product Code: ME-6668


PASCO’s EcoZone System is designed to help students model and understand the complex interactions within, and among, different ecosystems. The three clear acrylic EcoChambers are specially designed to accommodate PASCO sensors, making qualitative and quantitative measurements very easy to observe.

Don’t spend valuable time on set up and clean up! Cutting two liter soda bottles, removing labels, poking holes, connecting chambers – all of this is done for you! Eliminate the wasted time in setting up ecosystems and utilize it to study the ecosystem instead. Clean up is easy, and the chambers are durable enough to use again and again. The unique design of the PASCO EcoZone System allows you to use your environmental science probes to actively measure a model ecosystem.

What makes this system truly unique?

  • Your measurements have minimal impact on the system because it
    remains closed!
  • Custom built to easily interface with PASCO’s line of sensors and interfaces.
  • Decouple the EcoChambers for individual studies of single ecosystems.

With three interconnected chambers, students can model the interaction between three different ecosystems. Choose the traditional terrestrial, aquatic, and decomposition arrangement or create unique biomes to model and measure. Decouple the system for isolated investigations – how does the availability of light affect the ecosystem? Students can create two identical ecosystems and monitor one in light conditions and one in dark.

The openings within the chambers allow air to circulate between the chambers, and the included cord efficiently ‘wicks’ water between the chambers. Additionally, ions are transported through the cord, so materials move from the terrestrial chamber too!

What about chemical analysis?

With the included syringe, you can extract a small amount of water for chemical testing with the PASCO ezSample™ test kits. The syringe can also be used to replenish water if the levels are too low to sustain life, or if students want to inject a pollutant into the environment and monitor its effect.

The “terrestrial” chamber and the “aquatic” chamber. Air and water pass between the chambers through openings at the top of the chambers.

Quantify photosynthesis by measuring both Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. Individual chamber easily accommodates small potted plants.


  • Custom molded for use with PASCO sensors
  • Quantitatively study the interaction of different ecosystems
  • Sturdy construction designed for easy setup and cleanup
  • Total volume of each chamber is 4534 cubic centimeters


  • Construct a traditional ecosystem of interconnected aquatic, terrestrial, and decomposition chambers.
  • Construct a single biome such as a desert, tundra or man-grove biome.
  • Use a single chamber to study photosynthesis, fermentation or greenhouse gases.

What’s Included

  • 1x Three individual EcoChambers with lids
  • 1x Custom tray for holding EcoChambers in a connected ecosystem
  • 1x Stoppers and connectors
  • 1x Cotton wick
  • 1x Syringe and plastic tubing

Product Specifications

Approximate Volume (with lid) – Per Chamber 4.3L
Approximate Fill Volume (liquid) – Per Chamber 3.3L


Perform the following experiments and more with the EcoZone System.
Visit PASCO’s Experiment Library to view more activities.

  • Modeling an Ecosystem
  • Greenhouse Gases
  • Plant Photosynthesis and Respiration

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Support Documents

Manual Downloads

Product Manuals for the EcoZone™ System (ME-6668)

EcoZone System Manual (ME-6668)
(340 KB – .pdf – English)

The Eco Chamber is a single acrylic chamber that can be added to your existing EcoZone to provide a fourth chamber or as a replacement part for one of the original 3 chambers if necessary.


A single acrylic chamber designed to integrate sensors for controlled-environment experiments such as fermentation and plant or cricket respiration.