850 Comprehensive Electromagnetism Bundle

Product Code: UI-5803


The Comprehensive Electromagnetism Bundle of sensors and equipment is designed for use with the Comprehensive 850 Physics System Experiment Manual. This bundle facilitates the completion of 14 classic physics experiments, including Electrostatic Charge.

This product includes a conductive ink pen, which has a 6 month shelf life and is not refillable. For longest life, store the pen in a refrigerator when not in use.


The Electromagnetism experiments this bundle is designed for include:

  • Electrostatic Charge
  • Electric Field Mapping
  • Ohm’s Law
  • Kirchhoff’s Laws: Resistors in Series and Parallel
  • RC Circuits
  • Resonance Frequency of an LRC Circuit
  • General Properties of Diodes
  • Build a Rectifier
  • Transistor 1 – The NPN Transistor as a Digital Switch
  • Transistor 2 – Measure the Current Gain
  • Earth’s Magnetic Field
  • Magnetic Field Mapping
  • Induction – Magnet Through a Coil
  • Magnetic Field in a Current-Carrying Coil

What’s Included

Software Required

This product requires PASCO software for data collection and analysis. We recommend the following option(s).

Interface Required

This product requires a PASCO Interface to connect to your computer or device. We recommend the following option(s).

Buying Guide

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Comprehensive 850 Mechanics Bundle UI-5801C

Support Documents

Basic Electrostatics System Manual English 2.80 MB
AC DC Electronics Laboratory Manual English 2.23 MB
Basic Electrostatics System Manual English 2.80 MB
Conductive Paper Manual English 203.72 KB
Current Probe Manual English 79.72 KB
Dip Needle Manual English 29.31 KB
Field Mapper Kit Manual English 179.50 KB
PASPORT 2-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor Manual English 120.31 KB
Resistor Capacitor Inductor manual English 148.70 KB
Voltage Probe Manual English 75.26 KB

PASCO Products Included:

 Alnico Bar Magnets (2 Pack) (EM-8620)

 Zero Gauss Chamber (EM-8652)

 AC/DC Electronics Laboratory (EM-8656)

 Faraday Ice Pail (ES-9042A)

 Charge Producers and Proof Plane (ES-9057C)

 Conductive Spheres (ES-9059C)

 Conductive Shapes (ES-9061)

 Electrostatics Voltage Source (ES-9077)

 Basic Electrometer (ES-9078A)

 Basic Variable Capacitor (ES-9079)

 Field Mapper Kit (PK-9023)

 PASPORT 2-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor (PS-2162)

 PASPORT Current Probe (PS-2184)

 Banana Plug Cord Sets, 30 cm Length (SE-7123)

 Plotting Compass Set (20 pack) (SE-8680)

 Dip Needle (SF-8619)

 Voltage Sensor (unshrouded) (UI-5100)

 BNC Function Generator Output Cable (unshrouded) (UI-5119)

 Resistor Capacitor Inductor Network (UI-5210)

Manual Downloads

Product Manuals for the Included Products

(58 KB – .pdf – English)
Basic Variable Capacitor Manual ES-9079
(63 KB – .pdf – English)
Field Mapper Kit Manual (PK-9023)
(164 KB – .pdf – English)
Dip Needle Manual (SF-8619)
(26 KB – .pdf – English)
Resistor Capacitor Inductor manual (UI-5210)
(139 KB – .pdf – English)
Current Probe Manual (PS-2184)
(73 KB – .pdf – English)
Conductive Spheres Manual (ES-9059C)
(360 KB – .pdf – English)
Faraday Ice Pail Manual (ES-9042A)
(43 KB – .pdf – English)
Basic Electrometer Manual (ES-9078A)
(379 KB – .pdf – English)
Conductive Shapes Manual (ES-9061)
(424 KB – .pdf – English)